Online Cinema “Takflix” Launched in Ukraine

by Anna Gayduk
Friday, October 29, 2021
Online Cinema “Takflix” Launched in Ukraine

Now new Ukrainian cinema is available for watching legally and in the best quality

In January, the new Ukrainian online cinema Takflix started operating in test mode. 

Takflix will work as a streaming platform for the legal viewing of Ukrainian films. At the initial stage, the curators of the platform focus on art and independent movies of Ukrainian production in recent years.

Among the differences from other online cinemas is the payment system: the viewer or spectator will be able to buy a separate online ticket for the selected movie without a subscription or registration.

Film directors and filmmakers will receive 50% of the proceeds from ticket sales, and in the future, curators plan to create a separate section on Takflix for crowdfunding campaigns in support of film production.

The founder of Takflix is ​​the Ukrainian film director, producer and curator of cultural" rel="dofollow">projects Nadiya Parfan.

“Over the past five years, more than a dozen films have appeared in Ukraine that we can be proud of. These tapes travel to prestigious festivals, win awards and evoke not only the emotions of the audience, but also the business interest of sales agents, distributors and broadcasters around the world. Despite this, the Ukrainian audience does not always have access to new Ukrainian cinema. In cinemas, it is broadcasted for a very limited period of time or at inconvenient hours, while on large online platforms it is lost in the shadow of commercial content. Fortunately, modern technology provides new opportunities for film distribution. It's time to take advantage of this,” Parfan said.

The first film on the platform was a dystopia mockumentary 2020: The Deserted Country by Korniy Gritsyuk. The tape takes place in an imaginary 2020, when Ukraine is swept by a wave of mass migration and only eight people remain on its territory. 

During the first six months, the platform worked in test mode and released one film per month.

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