Why Russia Really Threatens the Execution of Ukrainians

by Olha Povaliaieva
Wednesday, June 8, 2022
Why Russia Really Threatens the Execution of Ukrainians

Occupiers threaten death penalty for Ukrainian POWs inflamed to raise stakes in negotiations and blackmail Ukraine and the world

The death penalty for the Ukrainian military, which is currently in Ukrainian captivity, is a manipulation to raise the stakes.

"The new line of information warfare launched by the Russians is the death penalty for the Ukrainian soldiers-prisoners of war. Unfortunately, unlike the nuclear threat, which is a bluff, this wave of information is perilous for all of us. What are the Russians trying to do?" adviser of the minister of internal affairs of Ukraine Vadym Denysenko.

In order to hide its crimes on the territory of Ukraine, Russia will show its citizens and residents of India, China, and the Middle East a picture of how bad Ukrainians are and why they deserve the death penalty. This is a manipulation to incite hatred against Ukrainians.

"Apparently, in a relatively short period, several decisions will be made on the execution of our servicemen (although executions will be delayed). And then the Russians will start the game of raising the stakes, realizing that a serious "treasonphilу" discussion will begin in Ukraine. "
Therefore, we must be ready for such a scenario and think in advance about our map of further actions.  

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