Opening of a Shrimp Farm in Ukraine

by Olha Povaliaieva
Wednesday, February 16, 2022
Opening of a Shrimp Farm in Ukraine

The first exotic farm was opened in the Khmelnytsky region

In Ukraine, shrimp farming is most popular in the south of the country. This is due to its access to the sea and warm climate. Overall, there are no more than 10 shrimp farms registered in the country. Therefore, the production opening in the Khmelnytsky region, in the West of Ukraine, is a step to new opportunities.

Koval Svitlana was the founder of the first such farm in the region. Initially, its startup was tiny. Four years ago, she began her training in juvenile shrimps. At that time, she owned only 650 shrimp. The leading equipment of the aquarium and the purchase of the juveniles had to be spent about $500. After a few months, the startup had already attracted the first buyers. Therefore, today Koval is opening a farm on an industrial scale.

Production is going to breed a giant freshwater shrimp. The cost of shrimp depends on weight. If the shrimp weighs in terms of 30 grams, the cost is $35 per kilo. Shrimp weighing 50 grams is about $53 to $55 per kilo.

Despite this price, the goods are in demand. As this farm is the only one in the Khmelnytsky region where live shrimp are bred. Such an example shows that in Ukraine, it is possible to develop even the most unusual business in the field successfully.

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