Opening of the Official “Samsung” Online Store in Ukraine

by Olha Povaliaieva
Thursday, January 20, 2022
Opening of the Official “Samsung” Online Store in Ukraine

Buying goods through the official online store guarantees a better price, original goods, better warranty conditions, and a wider range

Samsung has been operating in Ukraine for a quarter of a century. Previously, the equipment of this company was sold through official dealers and representatives of the company. Now the Ukrainian consumer has the opportunity to purchase goods directly from the manufacturer. Obviously, the decision to open an official online store will attract many new customers because the conditions for the purchase/exchange/return will be even simpler, the range of offers will be wider.
The pages of the online store contain all the information about the product, promotions, conditions, opportunities, and nuances.

“People are always at the heart of Samsung Electronics. Whether it's innovative high-tech devices or services, product experiences, holistic ecosystems where products complement and enhance each other, or customer support, every step the company takes, considering how convenient and useful it will be for consumers. And we are pleased to announce that Samsung is becoming even closer and more convenient for Ukrainian users by opening the company's first own online store in Ukraine," Maria Ivanova, head of e-commerce department, Samsung Electronics Ukraine.

Samsung Electronics guarantees the sale of original products only. All goods are certified and meet the technical requirements of Ukraine and imported into the country with the payment of all taxes and customs duties. Samsung provides a guarantee and full adaptation for the Ukrainian user.

Ukrainian banks cooperate with Samsung: Monobank, PrivatBank, Alfa-Bank. You may buy the goods you like through these banks with payment in installments.

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