Orban Declared a State of Emergency in the Country

by Olha Povaliaieva
Tuesday, May 24, 2022
Orban Declared a State of Emergency in the Country

On May 24, the prime minister of Hungary declared a state of emergency under the pretext of war in Ukraine

At 7 p.m., Viktor Orban announced on his Facebook that a state of emergency had been declared in Hungary. We remind you that on May 13, a new government of Hungary was elected, and Orban himself was re-elected for the seventh time as prime minister.

According to Viktor Orban, the introduction of a state of emergency will help to respond to all changes in military operations on the territory of Ukraine quickly. The state of emergency will come into force on the night of May 25, that is, in a couple of hours.

In his video message, Orban said that the new situation in the country will give the newly elected government "room for maneuver and the ability to immediately respond to the consequences of the war in neighboring Ukraine."

The first measures on the country's status in emergency situations will be made public on March 25 in the morning.

We remind you that Ukraine and Hungary have a common border with a length of 137 km in the north-west of Ukraine.

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