Orban Will Block Russia’s Oil Embargo

by Olha Povaliaieva
Friday, May 13, 2022
Orban Will Block Russia’s Oil Embargo

As Hungary does everything to help Russia inflict even more damage on Ukraine, the EU is considering postponing the oil embargo and focusing on lobbying for the rest of the 6th package of sanctions against Russia

To adopt any package of sanctions, a unanimous positive decision of the EU countries is required. Orban, who recently added to the Ukrainian list of collaborators of war crimes, is doing his best to slow down the 6th package of sanctions adoption, namely because of the paragraph on the oil embargo. According to the prime minister of Hungary, this step will cause too much harm to his country. Unfortunately, his opinion found support in another country — Bulgaria. Representatives of both countries said they would refuse to block the oil embargo on Russia if their states were relieved of the obligation to comply with this clause.

The European Union does not leave hope for the unanimous adoption of the 6th package of sanctions on May 16.

Josep Borrell said that the right of veto at this point in development is no longer relevant. Work in this vein was possible when the EU had 6 members, and not 27, or, as may soon take place — 33.

"Josep Borrell, told reporters Friday that he would push foreign ministers to "provide the political impetus" for the package, including the oil embargo, if ambassadors fail to reach an agreement before then," Bloomberg reports.

We remind you that the 6th package includes a two-stage embargo on importing crude oil over the next six months and an embargo on importing refined oil by early 2023. As a reminder, the Wall Street Journal revealed Russia's scheme to circumvent the oil embargo: Russia marks its tankers as a ship of unknown destination, diluted with foreign oil, and sold as Latvian blend or Turkmen blend.

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