Russian Ingenuity Works Only for Deception

by Olha Povaliaieva
Saturday, April 23, 2022
Russian Ingenuity Works Only for Deception

Loopholes Russia uses to avoid the oil embargo

Over the past weeks, the export of Russian oil has increased several times. How can this happen against the backdrop of worldwide efforts to destroy Putin's oil blackmail?

In addition, we remind you that on April 6, the London Marine Insurance Market declared all Russian waters a military zone, the EU banned Russian ships from entering its waters, and the United States followed suit on April 21: a complete embargo on Russian energy carriers and a ban on Russian ships entering US waters.
But somehow, Russia still, bypassing the sanctions, finds a market.

The Wall Street Journal journalists conducted an investigation, and a simple scheme of Russian speculators became apparent. Russia marks its ships with oil as “destination unknown” and sends them on their way. On the market, another oil is added to Russian oil, and it is sold as a Latvian blend” and a “Turkmen blend”.

Thus, since the beginning of the war against Ukraine on February 24, Russia has sold 11 million barrels of oil and does not plan to stop.

We would like to remind you that the 6th package of sanctions, which is already being developed and will be introduced soon, aims to increase pressure on Russia and block the loopholes that Russia uses to avoid sanctions.

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