Russian People Attacked Pregnant Girl

by Olha Povaliaieva
Sunday, March 13, 2022
Russian People Attacked Pregnant Girl

Russian propaganda set up residents of the attacking country against the injured girl

After the Russian military authorities gave the order to attack the maternity hospital in Mariupol, the talk about this operation does not subside. At first, Russia claimed that there were special military units from Ukraine, then that there was no one. The military manager from the occupied Donetsk region said that about 50 dead Ukrainian soldiers were taken from the maternity hospital. Each Russian source contradicts the other. The same applies to news portals in Russia.

For example, the public Russian telegram channel Signal published photos of the pregnant victim and her page on social networks. They continued their propaganda. The pregnant woman was named an actress. On the same day, her social page began to be attacked by commentators from Russia.

"How does money smell?" asked the victim Russian people.

Some reproached the girl for changing clothing during the tragedy. However, those who were bullying probably didn't notice that the woman did not change. She was wrapped up with a blanket on the street.

She was also named by a soldier with right-wing nationalist views.

As a result of bullying, the Ukrainian girl closed the comments.

On March 11, the Ukrainian TV news service TSN reported that a woman who had suffered at the Mariupol maternity hospital had given birth to a healthy child.

Now a girl with a newborn baby is in Mariupol, which is under fire and deprived of humanitarian aid.

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