Orlando Bloom in Kyiv

by Roman Cheplyk
Sunday, March 26, 2023
Orlando Bloom in Kyiv

On March 25, the actor and UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador spent time with Ukrainian children

In 2016 UNICEF ambassador Orlando Bloom was in Ukraine. At that time, the Russian military invasion of Ukraine had already lasted for 2 years. On March 25, Orlando Bloom wrote on Instagram that he would never have thought that the Russian escalation would spread to the entire country.

The actor arrived in Ukraine to communicate with Ukrainian children together with the Ukrainian organisation Spilno.

"But today I was fortunate to hear children's laughter at a UNICEF supported Spilno centre, a safe, warm and nurturing space for children to play, learn and receive psychosocial support. Spilno means 'together' in Ukrainian and there are over 180 of these centres here. The one I visited today was built deep down in the metro to ensure their safety. For a few hours every day, parents can drop off their young children and give them a sense of normalcy to play games and just be kids. There was also lots of art supplies and craft materials, which allows them to creatively express themselves, away from the pressures of growing up in a war zone," Orlando Bloom в Instagram. 

We remind you that the dog-sapper Patron is also the UNICEF ambassador.

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