Patron Dog Becomes “Goodwill Dog” of UNICEF

by Olha Povaliaieva
Sunday, November 20, 2022
Patron Dog Becomes “Goodwill Dog” of UNICEF

In 76 years of UNICEF history, this is the first goodwill ambassador on 4 paws and with a wet nose

Dog Patron is a dog of the Jack Russell breed, a demining specialist of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine. He is trained to recognize detonating shells, which helps the Ukrainian sappers. In addition to Patron's collaboration with UNICEF, Patron is engaged in "mine education" for children and teaches them to take care of their mental health. The Patron and his father, Mikhailo Iliev, go to schools and tell children how to recognize a mine, why it is important not to touch it, and how to protect yourself.

"When just a person in uniform comes to tell certain information, this is one thing. And when we transform it into games with Patron's help, children are very interested," Mikhailo Iliev.

For his contribution to the education and safety of children, today Patron received the honorary title of Goodwill Dog from UNICEF.

"In 76 years of UNICEF's history, we have been awarded the title of goodwill dog for the first time," Murat Shahin, UNICEF chief country officer in Ukraine.

UNICEF Ukraine signed a cooperation agreement with the Patron. And the virtual version of the Patron on the phone is ready to give daily advice to children and cheer them up.

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