Over 174.000 km² of Ukrainian Land Is Mined 

by Meifan Honcharuk
Wednesday, October 11, 2023
Over 174.000 km² of Ukrainian Land Is Mined 

Russian war polluted ≈ 30% of Ukraine with anti-personnel mines, cluster munitions, ammunition, tripwires and other explosive devices

From February 24, 2022, the Russian Federation used all methods to cause maximum damage to the Ukrainian environment, people, and houses. Often, after their attacks or being in the Ukrainian territories, Russians leave explosives, bombs, mines, tripwires, etc. Deputy head of the Pyrotechnic work organisation department of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine, Mykola Didyk, said that during the large-scale military aggression of the Kremlin, about 30% of the territory of Ukraine was polluted. This means that 174.000 m² of Ukraine is unsuitable for living and conducting agriculture and other business. And more 13.500 km² of aquatorias are mined to the actions of the invaders.

Due to explosive objects, 740 citizens of Ukraine were injured: 498 had injuries of varying severity, and 242 people died. Among them, 76 children, 13 of whom died from explosions.

Ukrainian pyrotechnics are trained to reduce the volume of contamination of territories and the consequences of detonating dangerous objects. They have already examined 93.000 ha of contaminated areas and 7.500 ha of water. 427.000 explosive objects were neutralised in this area. Among these items were anti-personnel mines, cluster munitions, remotely mounted mines, etc. Very often, rescuers and pyrotechnics demine explosives without special equipment but with their own hands and knowledge.

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