Over 800 US Companies Want to Arm Ukraine

by Olha Povaliaieva
Monday, August 22, 2022
Over 800 US Companies Want to Arm Ukraine

As part of Lend-lease, hundreds of American companies are ready to arm Ukraine in the war against Russian terrorism

On February 24, Russia launched a full-scale war against Ukraine. During this time, a lot has happened and changed in Ukraine and worldwide. On May 9, president Joseph Biden signed the law on providing Ukraine with Lend-lease. According to the representative of the information and consulting company Defense Express Valerii Ryabykh, more than 800 companies and about 1.500 samples of weapons and equipment from the United States of America are ready to serve Ukraine.

"According to the law on Lend-lease, there is great hope that arms manufacturers will directly participate in the supply of weapons to Ukraine. For a long period, the fact that there has been a competitive struggle for the future order, and more than 800 companies are participating in it, I offer more than 1.500 samples of weapons and military equipment. This weaponry must be effective in the conditions of conducting a battle with a highly organized enemy, and its production and delivery process should not take a long time," Valerii Ryabykh.

It is known that the process is under the Ministry of defence. Currently, the country supplies weapons outside of Lend-lease, and the Armed Forces of Ukraine use them more than skillfully. Perhaps the USA will soon decide to provide Ukraine with anti-tank ATACMS as well.

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