PACE Adopted Absolutely Pro-Ukrainian Resolution

by Meifan Honcharuk
Friday, June 23, 2023
PACE Adopted Absolutely Pro-Ukrainian Resolution

The resolution sees Ukraine in NATO, recognises Russia as a nuclear terrorist and calls for bringing it to justice through a special tribunal

On June 22, the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe voted to adopt a resolution proclaiming several points.

  • Calls NATO members to invite Ukraine to NATO;
  • Condemns the Russian attack against the Kakhovka HPP and qualifies this action as a war crime and ecocide;
  • Confirms that the Russian military-political leadership is using the occupation of the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant for the purpose of nuclear blackmail and deliberately violates the IAEA Convention on nuclear safety, of which it is a member;
  • Will continue efforts to create an international tribunal for the military-political leadership of Russia. PACE declares that private military companies (including Wagner), murtads and allies (including Kadyrov) are also responsible for Russia's war crimes;
  • Continue sanctions pressure and international isolation of Russia;
  • Calls for the formation of an international, publicly accessible register of damage and individuals and legal entities that continue to cooperate with Russia and avoid sanctions;
  • Supports Zelenskyy's Peace formula. 

We remind you that today the Russian terrorists shot a group of civilian Ukrainians in Kherson. 2 people died.

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