Paintings in Return for Life

by Olha Povaliaieva
Saturday, December 11, 2022
Paintings in Return for Life

British artist Banksy will sell 50 own paintings to buy ambulances for Ukraine

Street artist Banksy reported on his Instagram about a charity project in support of Ukraine. Banksy created 50 art seals and put them up for sale. He chose the Legacy of War Foundation for his paintings. The organization works to support Ukraine and provide the necessary assistance to save lives.

Banksy's paintings on the foundation's website will be sold for at least $6.100. Each painting is unique and has no copies. Banksy wants to hand over all the funds raised to buy generators and ambulances to Ukraine. Ambulances will be transferred to the Donetsk direction to evacuate civilians in old age or with disabilities. The generators will be acquired as support to Ukraine against the background of Russia's creation of the energy crisis. Some of the energy units are planned to be placed in shelters for LGBT women. By the way, one of the most famous street artists of modern times was already in Ukraine during the war.

"In Ukraine, I saw the Legacy of War team come and provide medical care, heaters, and freshwater to some very desperate people in a bombed-out building. I think the least I can do is raise enough money to replace the license plates on the ambulance," said Banksy.

In Ukraine, there are several works of artists. On December 9, Banksy was named an honorary citizen of Irpin for one of his graffiti in Ukraine. 

The sale of 50 unusual paintings with a unique history is already open. Special attention is drawn to the work with a rat.

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