Pancakes Save Ukraine

by Olha Povaliaieva
Wednesday, May 11, 2022
Pancakes Save Ukraine

On 11 May in Kyiv opened a cafe to help the army of Ukraine and internally displaced persons

Pancakes for donat project name of a new coffee shop in the capital of Ukraine. Kyiv comes alive after the atrocities of the Russian soldiers and begins to live in a new way. The new cafe will be located in the city's center on Bolshaya Vasilievskaya street.

The gastronomic establishment has a new format for the restaurant business. In the cafe will be the usual Ukrainian dishes at the usual prices. But the organization will also be able to serve internally displaced persons and people affected by the war completely free of charge.

Another feature of the cafe is free pancakes with stuffing. They can feed everyone. In return, cafe managers are ready to receive nothing or accept any financial donation. The money that will be raised will be transferred to the needs of the Ukrainian armed forces or to buy products for the needy.

Such a project has already been opened in Lviv. Their restaurant Inshi prepares borshch and offers them to all. It is not necessary to pay for Ukrainian borshch.

Such initiatives increasingly appear in Ukraine. Even those who do not have a business help to protect the country. The Ukrainians voluntarily transfer money to the Ukrainian armed forces.

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