Start of the New Airline of Ukraine

by Olha Povaliaieva
Tuesday, November 2, 2021
Start of the New Airline of Ukraine

Charter airline “Air Ocean Airlines”, created on the initiative of the president of Ukraine, launched its maiden flight on October 30

The AN-148 aircraft performed the Kyiv-Mykolaiv flight.

 Air Ocean Airlines — the airline became the first in the country to choose regular and charter transportation both on domestic routes of Ukraine and abroad on AN-148 and AN-158 family aircraft developed by ANTONOV” is reported on ANTONOV's Facebook page.

Today the airline's fleet consists of two aircraft AN-148 and AN-158. One aircraft will be added by the end of 2020, and three more by mid-2022. A total of 10 aircraft are planned, some of which will be leased from CYPRUS AIRCRAFT LEASING 2 (CAL) LTD. Attracting foreign investors is an important component of the development of the aviation industry in Ukraine.

According to the executive director of Air Ocean Airlines, flights lasting 2-2.5 hours will be the most profitable. The unpretentiousness of the aircraft to the quality of runways will combine not only airports with well-developed infrastructure but also small regional airfields. AN-148 has proven itself in operation. They performed flights with high intensity up to 420-440 hours per month.

ANTONOV, for its part, fully supports the resumption of the use of AN-148 and AN-158 aircraft by domestic airlines. This will not only make regional flights more accessible but also increase the market attractiveness of these aircraft. After all, potential buyers of aircraft are interested in the experience of operating aircraft in the country of the developer. In addition, the impetus for further development of passenger regional aircraft programs will be provided.

The full cycle of maintenance of the AN-148 aircraft will be performed within Ukraine. Glider maintenance ANTONOV, engine PJSC Motor Sich, chassis Yuzhmash, as well as such enterprises as Screen, Electronprilad, FED, HAKB, UKRANALIT, and many other companies. 

For the training of flight crews of the operator, ANTONOV provides the complex simulator which allows to work out all situations which can arise during a real flight.

ANTONOV is ready to do everything necessary to ensure the efficient operation of AN-148 aircraft by Ukrainian air carriers," said Serhii Bychkov, CEO of the company.

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