Pentagon Reveals Details of New $225 Million Aid Package for Ukraine

by Roman Cheplyk
Friday, June 7, 2024
Pentagon Reveals Details of New $225 Million Aid Package for Ukraine

The US Department of Defense has disclosed the contents of a new military aid package for Ukraine, valued at $225 million

This information was published on the Pentagon's official website.

Contents of the Aid Package:

  • Air Defense and Missiles:
    • Missiles for HAWK air defense systems
    • Missiles for Stinger complexes
    • Guided missiles (TOW)
    • Javelin and AT-4 anti-tank systems
  • Artillery and Ammunition:
    • Ammunition for HIMARS
    • 155-mm howitzers
    • 155-mm and 105-mm artillery shells
  • Vehicles and Equipment:
    • M113 armored personnel carriers
    • Trailers for transporting heavy equipment
    • Coastal and river patrol boats
  • Additional Support:
    • Ammunition for small arms
    • Night vision devices
    • Spare parts, maintenance, and other support equipment

The Pentagon noted that this aid package is the 59th arms package provided to Ukraine by the United States since August 2021.


  • Previous Aid: On May 24, the United States allocated a new batch of military aid to Ukraine worth $275 million.
  • Usage Restrictions: Last week, the Biden administration allowed Ukraine to use American weapons for strikes on Russian territory, but only in the border region with Kharkiv. However, President Biden emphasized that American weapons should not be used for strikes deep into Russia, specifically targeting areas 320 kilometers away from Moscow or the Kremlin.

This new package highlights the ongoing support from the United States to bolster Ukraine's defense capabilities amidst the ongoing conflict with Russia.

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