Poland Transferred 10 “MiG-29” to Ukraine

by Meifan Honcharuk
Tuesday, May 9, 2023
Poland Transferred 10 “MiG-29” to Ukraine

The provision of these aircraft also will be the topic of the NATO summit in Vilnius 

Poland has supported Ukraine in all spheres since Russia invaded Ukraine. However, the defence minister of a neighbouring country believes that the war will not end soon. Therefore, like Polish president Duda, Blaszczak believes all possible military assistance should be provided. The peculiarity of military assistance to Ukraine is that Warsaw does not press on other countries and does not wait for their decisions, delivering everything to the Ukrainian armed forces. In early April, Anjey Duda announced the transfer of the first eight MiG-29 aircraft (Fulcrum – NATO classification).

On April 8, the defence minister announced that he had transferred 10 more MiG-29 units to Kyiv. These fourth-generation fighters were manufactured in the Soviet Union, so the Ukrainian army knows how to work with them. Fulcrums can hit targets of all types and perform tasks even in bad weather conditions.

"We are trying to inspire them (other countries – ed.) to support Ukraine. Why? Because Russia is dangerous. So we try to do our best to support Ukraine and courageous people who are defending their country, fighting for their freedom and, in our view, our freedom too," said Mariusz Blaszczak.

In addition, Polish head Anjey Duda plans to lobby the interests of Ukraine in the NATO community and request modern aircraft for Kyiv.

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