Polish Give Ukrainians Home in Poland and in Ukraine 

by Olha Povaliaieva
Thursday, December 1, 2022
Polish Give Ukrainians Home in Poland and in Ukraine 

Poland opens another modular town in Ukrainian Lviv

Since the start of Russia's full-scale invasion, the country’' West has become a foothold on the map for people who don't want to leave Ukraine. The Lviv region is trendy among Ukrainians, as it is farther from the border with Russia. To provide housing for all internally displaced persons, Ukraine has already built 3 modular towns. Recently, the city council of Lviv reported on the construction of another city for settlers. Such a project will be implemented in the region for the first time — the houses will have 2 floors. The new modular city will be equipped with everything necessary for wintering. It is worth noting that the previous projects were also designed for the cold season - they are equipped with heaters. However, the new building will have everything necessary in addition to heating.

"The town will be more comfortable for winter conditions. There will be a layout of the corridor type — to get to the showers or dining room; you will not need to go outside. One- and two-story houses can accommodate more than a thousand left without a roof over the head of Ukrainians," reported on the website of the city council of Lviv.

The new "city in the city" will also become the largest in the history of Ukrainian houses for settlers. The project was developed in cooperation with Poland. The Polish government is actively involved in ensuring a comfortable life for Ukrainians who have lost their homes due to Russians.

So, this is the only year when Ukrainians go to Lviv not for winter holidays but in search of a quiet life.

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