Preparing Ukraine for Industrial Visa-Free Regime

by Meifan Honcharuk
Thursday, December 9, 2021
Preparing Ukraine for Industrial Visa-Free Regime

EU preliminary Assessment Mission has moved to the second stage of assessing Ukraine's readiness for visa-free cooperation

After signing an industrial visa-free visa with the European Union, the country's entire infrastructure is obliged to work following EU standards and regulations. Now Ukraine is adapting its institutions to the EU requirements; today's primary EU mission will test this readiness. The next step will be the transition to the following EU commission — the evaluation one. According to the Ministry of the economy of Ukraine, in case of successful completion of this check, the assessment committee will conclude an ACAA.

"The conclusion of the ACAA Agreement will contribute to the growth of the competitiveness and innovativeness of Ukrainian industrial products both in the domestic and foreign markets; attracting investments, as well as receiving high-quality and safe products by the consumer, produced using modern technologies" Volodymyr Grunyuk, first deputy minister of economy.

The key indicator of Ukraine's preliminary readiness for industrial visa-free travel, according to the commission, is the involvement of business in the implementation of standards required for the population. Representatives of the European mission assessed the level and scale of digitalization in Ukraine on the way to implement European measures in the country's infrastructure. They also noted the importance of the work of the communication platform for technical regulation at the state level.

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