USAID Plans to Implement Ukrainian IT System “Diia”

by Olha Povalaieva
Thursday, January 19, 2023
USAID Plans to Implement Ukrainian IT System “Diia”

$650.000 was allocated for the investigation and implementation of "Diia" — a system for the administration of government and business services

On January 18, at a forum in Davos, USAID administrator Samantha Power announced that the United States wants to repeat the success of the Ukrainian Diia system in several other states. Diia — development of the Ministry of digital transformation of Ukraine, an application for the administration of any public services: obtaining documents and extracts, filing any applications (for the adoption of a child, change of residence, compensation for housing destroyed by the war, etc.), voting, business registration, filing taxes, exchange obsolete documents, customs clearance of a car, electronic court and much more.

Today in Ukraine, this application is used by 18.5 million Ukrainians — almost the entire adult population of Ukraine. With the start of the war, USAID provided the Ministry of digital transformation of Ukraine with funding to strengthen the cybersecurity of the application, as well as $8.5 million to adapt the list of services to military requirements. For example, now every Ukrainian who has lost his home or business due to the war can ask the state for compensation.

On January 18, in Davos, the minister of DT Mykhailo Fedorov discussed the Diia principle with other states and private international partners. Many are interested in implementing the Diia model and USAID will contribute to the scaling of the Ukrainian system, as it creates a base of easy access to public services and also "promotes economic growth and government transparency."

Moreover, according to Samantha Power, Diia is one of the tools to fight corruption, which in a broader sense Эwill help democratic reformers around the world benefit their people.

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