Production and Export of Sunflower Oil

by Olha Povaliaieva
Tuesday, November 9, 2021
Production and Export of Sunflower Oil

The largest sunflower oil exporter and producer of the world sunflower market – Ukraine. In 2018 Ukraine produced 31% of the world's sunflower oil value and 37% sunflower exports. As noted, Ukraine sunflower oil exports more than 90% of sunflower production. More than a third of sunflower oil world's sunflower oil is from Ukraine.

In 2017 it was planned to increase sunflower oil production in Ukraine by 4.6%, up to 6.9 million tons. The leading supplier of sunflower oil to China (1.022 million tons) and sunflower oil in sunflower India (799 thousand tonnes). Oil is exported mainly to India, Egypt, China, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Uruguay, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Turkey.

In combination with the shortfall in the gross harvest of sunflower seeds by 14% in 2020/2021 MY in Ukraine, this led to an increase in the price of sunflower oil both on the world and domestic markets.

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