Promising Ukrainian Startups 2021

by Meifan Honcharuk
Thursday, November 4, 2021

Ukrainian Startup Fund will allocate $ 250 thousand to 5 startups

During its work (as of August 2021), the Ukrainian startup fund financed projects worth $5 million. Among the fund's grant program winners, startups in the agrotechnology industry, AI, and healthcare are leading. 

According to the Ukrainian startup fund, teams of nine projects took part in the pitching.

As noted, the projects were evaluated according to many criteria: team, market, appropriateness of financing, product and development strategy.

The fund's mission is to promote the creation and development of technology startups at an early stage to increase their global competitiveness. Selecting startups for granting grants takes place on a competitive basis: companies are evaluated and set by a board of independent investment experts.

Following the meeting of the fund's supervisory board, the fund decided to finance five of them at the seed stage (they will receive a grant of $50 thousand):

• ComeBack Mobility (Dnipro) — smart sensors for crutches to help in rehabilitation after diseases and injuries of the lower extremities;

• Silentbox (Kiev) — soundproof office cabins, which improve the efficiency of employees by reducing the overall noise in the open space;

 Lab24 (Kiev), a medical laboratory research marketplace, helps users take tests at home and nearby locations and save up to 50%. The service unites laboratories, nurses and medical centers, ensuring their interaction with the help of an information system, a specialized logistics and support service;

 IBeauty (Kiev) — automated ecosystem for the beauty industry. It provides partners with a CRM system for optimization and automation, a marketing platform and is a market moderator;

 HoldYou (Kiev) — online psychological assistance service; all consultations are conducted online through a mobile application, a personal account on the website or by phone.

The fund encourages startup teams to submit projects for the development of eGovernment, industry, infrastructure and other areas, which certainly make a significant contribution to the development of an innovative startup ecosystem, the economy and the state as a whole.

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