Prospects and Status of Ukrainian Archeology

by Olha Povaliaieva
Tuesday, December 28, 2021
Prospects and Status of Ukrainian Archeology

Little is known about modern Ukrainian archeology. But experts continue to confirm the richness of the land

History of Ukraine has told about a lot of artifacts found in Ukraine. These are both Scythian mounds and ancient megaliths. Thanks to these discoveries, the country became known worldwide. Today we will try to find out what status Ukrainian archeology has now.

In 2019 scientists in the Poltava region, the center of Ukraine discovered an ancient burial ground on a wheat field. The 6th century B.C. artifacts belonged to a Scythian girl. The gold-looking headdress had two tiers. Along with expensive headgear, they unearthed the bracelet and earrings.

In the same year, archeologists discovered houses built of mammoth bones. The search for artifacts lasted a long time. After archeologists managed to get to the discovery, it was preserved and sent to the museum.

Not only archeologists of Ukraine, but the whole world, in the scientific community, have named the golden pectoral as the main find. Today the best museums in the world dream of it. But the royal decoration, which belonged to ancient Scythians, remains in Ukraine.

Today archeologists do not stop working. And every year, their research is justified by historical finds. Such a study of the territory of Ukraine helps to develop the culture of the country, to discover new facts about the world, and to help the science forward.

Ukrainian archeology still works today. For example, on December 2, the newest artifact was found. It was a necropolis dating from the beginning of the 19th century. It housed 31 people. Today it is believed that the remains belonged to the founders of Bashtanka — a small town in the south of Ukraine where a necropolis was found.

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