Prospects for Green Building in Ukraine

by Olha Povaliaieva
Thursday, February 10, 2022
Prospects for Green Building in Ukraine

The introduction of innovative technologies will make it possible to halve tariffs on housing and communal services for the population and preserve the environment

Since coronavirus and quarantines came into the lives of people, green building has become more popular in the world. Including among the Ukrainians. The country’s European benchmark continues to develop the theme of green life, including green housing.

In Ukraine, "green" construction is a relatively new phenomenon. However, specialists have already pointed out the bases that will help the phenomenon take root in the country.

The 1-st thing that world experts note is that Ukraine has existing norms and standards on fire safety. It is more tightly controlled than in European standards. Therefore, Ukrainian properties can get the highest scores. In this respect, the prospects of "green" construction in Ukraine look very optimistic.

Another element that supports the prospect of ecological housing in the country is government support. It is worth noting that politicians have markedly shifted their focus towards a clean environment and the rational use of all natural resources over the past few years.

The 3-rd advantage in favor of innovative homes is people’s propensity to choose useful and modern items. It is worth noting that eco-orientations in all spheres of life are now a trend. Ukrainians start sorting garbage, choosing the right food, saving electricity due to the trend. But after a while, this habit becomes their conscious choice. Therefore, ready greenhouses in which a person begins to "live in a new way" can become quite popular in Ukraine.

"Green" construction provides a stimulus for developing the economy and business in the country. The main achievement of innovative technologies is to improve the quality of life of people and the state of nature.

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