Purchasing a Private Airport or Airstrip in Ukraine

by Olha Povaliaieva
Wednesday, February 9, 2022
Purchasing a Private Airport or Airstrip in Ukraine

Current reasons for purchasing the airport for free flights

Buying an airstrip can be a good idea for people who like to relax and develop their business outside the country. Own airstrip is particularly relevant in the context of the constant change in quarantine requirements in the regulation of COVID-19.

Given the long duration of the pandemic, the first advantage is the lack of contact with large numbers of people. This protects people from disease, who need to address business issues constantly.

Another advantage for business people is the possibility of creating freight terminals. If a person is engaged in the import or export of goods and is licensed, a private airstrip will help expedite the goods' delivery to the right place.

Also, note that purchasing a private airstrip is more profitable than constructing a new private airport or helicopter landing sites on the Ukrainian site. Because a private landing site requires a sufficient number of seats. But even if there is a large area, an aircraft is often more convenient than a helicopter.

A definite advantage of the scale is that flights are not canceled or delayed. This is especially important for people who sell and buy short-term products.

In 2022, the purchase of a land airfield could become relevant for Ukrainians and their colleagues from Turkey, Azerbaijan, Moldova, and other countries. It was with them that Ukraine had concluded the latest agreements selling trade relations between countries.

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