Putin Buys Support

by Olha Povaliaieva
Thursday, December 8, 2022
Putin Buys Support

Russian politician got 160 ha of occupied Ukrainian land for assisting the tyrant regime

The former mayor of the Russian Krasnodar region, an associate of Putin and a member of the Russian business elite Oleksandr Tkachov got possession of seized Ukrainian factories. According to The Wall Street Journal, the Russian figure received large agrarian companies, which before the capture of the Ukrainian territories, had nothing to do with the Russian Federation. 100.000 ha of land seized in the Luhansk region from the company Agroton — the largest producer and processor of sunflower and wheat. Another 40.000 ha were seized from HarvEast holding in the Donetsk region. The company is engaged in crop production, dairy farming, and grain crops. Russia also took over the land after killing the owner of the largest Ukrainian agricultural company and the best grain exporter in 2021. Oleksii Vadatursky was killed in the summer by a Russian missile. Now part of his legacy in the form of 20.000 ha of the land of Nibulon is in the hands of the killer. 

All these Ukrainian companies passed into the possession of Agrocomplex named after Tkachov, which is owned by Oleksandr Tkachov. In June 2022 Tkachev had already become the owner of the first captured lands — the Crimean agro-holding Friendship of Peoples.

The article also notes that the new owner of 160.000 ha of Ukrainian land was the minister of agriculture of Russia since 2014. Tkachov received this post after organizing preparations for the winter Olympics, as well as expressing support for the Kremlin regime in the annexation of the Crimean peninsula. He even managed to get the For the liberation of Crimea medal.

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