Putin Has a New Goal of War in Ukraine

by Olha Povaliaieva
Saturday, July 9, 2022
Putin Has a New Goal of War in Ukraine

US Intelligence chief finds 3 scenarios of war in Ukraine and a new target for a Russian dictator

Head of the US department of national intelligence Avril Haynes believes that the situation in Ukraine may still develop. Haynes singles out three possible scenarios based on statements made by politicians, the situation at the front, and other data obtained.

According to the US intelligence chief, the New York Times told readers about three scenarios. According to one scenario of the Russian Federation, it will be possible to break the Ukrainian army in the east of the country. After the victory in the Donbas, Russia will try to take even more of the country.

"This result is Putin's new goal after his defeat in his initial attempt to overthrow the Ukrainian government," Haynes believes.

The second option for the development of the Russian-Ukrainian war is an exhausting struggle in the Donbas. According to this scenario, Kyiv and Moscow will fight with all their reserves. However, according to the head of American intelligence, Putin will not be able to move any further.

The third scenario is the most optimistic for Ukraine. According to the specialist, the Ukrainian army can continue to conduct a successful counter-offensive, gradually liberating the country from the occupiers.

"Ukraine has already recovered part of its territory, especially in the southern part of the country, and some military experts expect a broader offensive soon," says Avril Haynes.

Recall that earlier we wrote about what scenarios of the end of the war the defense minister of Ukraine sees.

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