Stephen Fry Came to Ukraine

by Meifan Honcharuk
Tuesday, September 5, 2023
Stephen Fry Came to Ukraine

British actor and writer will hold the 3rd summit of first ladies and gentlemen in Ukraine 

On 6 September, in the capital of Ukraine will be an event on the initiative of Olena Zelenska. The summit of the first ladies and gentlemen has been held for the third year. In previous years, he was visited by representatives of Latvia and Lithuania. Last year, already during a full-scale war, the participants still arrived in Kyiv, and they raised $3.2 million for resuscitation cars. This year’s summit will focus on mental health, which is relevant in times of peace and war. As part of the event, an international conference of ministers of health will be held.

The host will be a famous British writer, actor and philanthropist. Stephen Fry helps Ukrainians cope with the hardships of war. The organisers of the event note that Fry helped the peaceful residents of Ukraine to survive the winter, which the Russian army stopped in a difficult trial. He organised the collection of warm clothing and the repair of houses damaged by Russian military attacks. Recall that in the period from autumn to spring 2022-2023, the Russian army carried out massive missile strikes on the energy infrastructure of Ukraine.

"It is a great honour for me to receive an invitation and, in my opinion, the holding of such a summit is a very good indication of the openness as well as the common sense of the Ukrainian government. This is not a propaganda stunt at all, but a real meeting of neurologists, sociologists, psychologists and trauma workers," wrote Fry.

"What a day. Can't believe I only arrived here in Kyiv 12 hours ago: since then I’ve watched a surgical operation on a wounded soldier (the air raid siren sounded in the theatre but no one paid attention, there was a patient to be cared for). Next I met two young men who laughed as they teased each other about the differences between their new prosthetic legs. Then I talked to a young woman who lost her husband on the Russian front only two weeks ago. They all had in common extraordinary humour as well as a profound unshakeable determination to see off the barbarians at the gate and keep their independence and sovereignty. War can bring out the worst in people, but sometimes the very best…" Stephen Fry on Instagram about his travel in the train of the Ukrainian railway operator Ukrzaliznytsya. 

The picture is a gift from modern Ukrainian artist Nikita Titov.

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