Quiet Punishment of the Occupiers  

by Olha Povaliaieva
Thursday, January 19, 2023
Quiet Punishment of the Occupiers   

Ukraine created the cheapest and quietest high-precision drone "Punisher"

Ukrainian developers UA Dynamics spent $100 to create a reusable free dron Punisher. But a complete set with a drone, 3 battery packs, launch catapult, ground station, antenna, the ballistic calculator, carrying cases, and repair kit cost $50.000. The invention relates to the class of high-precision aircraft capable of striking targets at a distance of 25-45 km. The maximum deviation from the goal is 4 m. Drone speed is 55 m/sec. Punisher destroy command points of occupation troops, missile defence units, radio-electronic points, ammunition and fuel depots, separate cars, and others. After the task is completed, the roads return to the Ukrainian base. The developer Maxym Subotin created a vehicle for the armed forces of Ukraine.

The prototype of the drone was created in 2016. It consisted of improvised means. But the creators note that they continued to look for ways to turn the project into a useful development, not just a shell bomb. During the full-scale war, the experts not only succeeded but also made it so that the drone drops a bomb and goes to base.

There are already dozens of such reusable unmanned aerial vehicles on the Ukrainian side. Currently, the project has no sponsors, so Ukrainian developers create charitable collections among the population.

UA Dynamics noted that the prototype, which was built from tree cones and foam, turned into a project that complies with safety protocols and helps to keep the Ukrainian military during the destruction of the occupation forces.

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