“Reconkoning Project: Ukraine Testisies”

by Olha Povaliaieva
Monday, September 26, 2022
“Reconkoning Project: Ukraine Testisies”

The French military journal will plan to perpetuate the atrocities of the Russians in Ukraine in the book, so that the whole world knows about it, and the Russians do not try to rewrite history

Janine Di Giovanni has been reporting from hot spots for over 30 years. She wrote books about Bosnia, Syria, and Christian communities in the Middle East. Now she is leading a new project, the Reconkoning Project: Ukraine Testisies. The journalist's project will be aimed at fixing Russian military crimes in Ukraine. The initiative also joined journalist Peter Pomerantsev, leading Ukrainian journalists and law enforcement officers. The team is already collecting evidence of victims of war crimes in Ukraine in all spheres. This will help to bring Russia to justice.

"When I visited Bucha, I thought, "How can cruelty of this level happen? Why take and kill someone's father or man, why shoot without trial and investigation? Or beat, skate, and prison people. When I read the evidence that our team is going to collect, I must do it as carefully as possible, looking for patches and topics to determine how to prepare the case. It's just thirsty," told a journalist.

She says that she thought that modern wars are not so cruel, but the Russian-Ukrainian war is worse Balkan wars.

"We want to record these stories (sexual violence, torture, murder — ed.) so that nobody can say that it was not. We want them to live forever as a memorial. If these archives are always available, no one can rewrite history. Because history has already been rewritten in Bosnia and Rwanda. Some revisits claim that there was no genocide or that it was not a genocide of civilians. Or they say that the numbers are in breach. And we do not want this to once in Ukraine," Janine Di Giovanni says.

In the beginning, the team of journalists set itself the goal of collecting 150 pieces of evidence by May 2023. However, Giovanni already has 70 pieces of evidence of Russia's genocide against the Ukrainian people. 

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