Refusal of Ukraine to Use Coal

by Olha Povaliaieva
Thursday, November 4, 2021
Refusal of Ukraine to Use Coal

At "COP26 Summit 2021", 40 countries agree to phase out coal by 2050

The climate conference in Glasgow was the climate unification of countries with a common goal of reaching climate neutrality.

"Major coal-using countries, including Canada, Poland, Ukraine, and Vietnam, will phase out their use of coal for electricity generation, with the bigger economies doing so in the 2030s, and smaller economies doing so in the 2040s," reports The Guardian.

According to the International Energy Agency, the leading cause of the greenhouse effect on our plane is precisely the use of coal.

"Today marks a milestone in our global efforts to combat climate change as countries around the world unite in Glasgow to declare that coal plays no role in our future electricity generation. Today's ambitious commitments made by our international partners show that the end of coal is near," said the business secretary of Great Britain Kvasi Quartering.

We remind you that in 2020 Ukraine announced its accession to the Coalless Alliance. The alliance was created in 2017 by the UK and Canada. Its members include France, Finland, the Netherlands, Mexico, and two US states. Membership in the alliance means for Ukraine the cessation of the use of coal for processing into electricity.

"We plan to gradually reduce the number of coal mines and by 2070 phase out the use of fossil fuels, acquiring complete climate neutrality. It is important to accompany the transformation of coal regions by creating new economic incentives so that new competitive clusters, new innovative and technological industries appear based on coal industry enterprises," said Olha Buslavets, deputy minister of energy of Ukraine.

Because of the accession of Ukraine to the Alliance, Germany expressed its readiness to create a multi-fund for reforming the coal industry in Ukraine and invest €20 in it.  Also, the German Ministry of economic affairs and energy encouraged other countries to invest in this fund.


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