Registration of Seaman’s Documents in “Diia”

by Meifan Honcharuk
Friday, June 30, 2023
Registration of Seaman’s Documents in “Diia”

Diploma, certificate of competency and its endorsement, afloat training specialist certifications etc

As part of the fight against corruption, the Ministry of infrastructure of Ukraine and the Ministry of digitalisation have launched a joint project for the digital transformation of shipping. Previously, the sailor's papers were in the hands of private companies, intermediaries or dozens of scattered government agencies. This made life difficult for any employee of the ship and contributed to corruption: in order not to delay the process of collecting documents for months, the sailors were forced to pay numerous organisations.

Now Diia is beta-testing a system where a sailor can apply online for his documents (certificate of competency and endorsements, afloat training specialist certifications etc.) and get them almost instantly, without intermediaries and for free. In the same system, sailors can submit a digital request to obtain or confirm a rank/qualification, sign up for CES 6.0 testing, and so on. 

The corruption scheme in shipping annually pulled up to $150 million from seafarers. Now only Diia, the State administration of shipping and the State enterprise Morrechservis will deal with the process.

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