Restoration of 70% of Energy Facilities in Ukraine

by Roman Cheplyk
Monday, February 27, 2023
Restoration of 70% of Energy Facilities in Ukraine

Since the beginning of the Russian attacks on the Ukrainian energy infrastructure, Ukrainian engineers have restored almost 11.000 km of power lines

Since the beginning of the full-scale attack on Ukraine, Russia has carried out 14 massive missile and 17 drone attacks on Ukraine's energy infrastructure. The national energy company-provider Ukrenergo suffered the greatest destruction: the occupiers destroyed more than 40% of energy facilities. The energy capacity deficit approached 50%, and more than 12 million Ukrainians were without electricity and heating for 4 months.

"Ukrainian energy companies were given an unprecedented challenge — no energy system in the world has experienced such destruction from mass shelling. The work of Ukrenergo specialists and all energy workers has turned into a mission: to restore the energy system under any conditions and restore light to people," Ukrenergo reports.

Thanks to international equipment support, a team of 1.500 Ukrenergo engineers repaired more than 10.000 km of power lines, and as of February 12, there is no shortage of electricity in Ukraine, and civilian consumption has almost sunk into oblivion.

Ukrenergo shared that the Russian attack on November 23 caused the worst system accident: due to enemy shelling, all nuclear power plants and almost all large thermal and hydroelectric power plants came to a standstill, and the integrity of the system was destroyed. Ukrainian specialists connected Ukraine to the EU energy system for 14 hours, and the liquidation of the consequences lasted another 3 days.

It should be noted that while performing their professional tasks, 5 employees of the national energy company were killed by Russian weapons, 6 more died defending Ukraine in the ranks of the army, and the Russians killed 1 NEC specialist in occupied Bucha.

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