Results of the 33rd “Pitch Day”

by Meifan Honcharuk
Wednesday, November 17, 2021
Results of the 33rd “Pitch Day”

Ranks of 13 teams that presented their projects on the 33rd "Pitch Day"

The Ukrainian startup fund is a state fund launched by the Cabinet of ministers of Ukraine in the summer of 2019. They used to give money to startups as grants.

On November 12, the Ukrainian startup fund held its 33rd Pitch Day to select startups for government funding. Due to quarantine restrictions, the event was held online. 13 teams made presentations, startups of which are at the pre-seed stage and are applying for grants in 25 thousand US dollars each.

The main criteria for evaluating projects at the pre-seed stage are:

  • Command;
  • Market;
  • Idea;
  • Feasibility of financing;
  • Strategy.

In each category, the maximum is 5 points (total maximum 25). The passing mark is 12.

Results of the Pitch Day

Based on the results of the assessments of the Competition Commission, the following rating list of startups was formed (from the highest score to the lowest):

  1. Noty AI — is a platform that creates transcriptions of your online meetings (Lviv);
  2. WheelKeep — is an invisible onboard computer to help bike enthusiasts protect their bikes from irretrievable theft and enjoy the freedom of daily riding. It consists of a smart device and a mobile application (Dnipro);
  3. Olenka AI Voice — a voice bot for sales with artificial intelligence elements. It calls clients, analyzes their words and answers according to a given scenario (Kyiv);
  4. AdMarket — An offline advertising marketplace that helps businesses manage advertising campaigns by introducing technological innovations in the search, planning and purchasing processes (Kyiv, Odesa);
  5. Connect 21 — a platform for psychologists and psychiatrists who will be in touch with you 24/7. Here you can find a specialist with specialized higher education or choose a therapeutic group. We offer our colleagues the purchase of special courses (Kyiv) to improve their qualifications;
  6. ZenWalk — a mobile app that brings meaning to walking. It helps people improve their health through motivation to walk more, thanks to a game-ed map, a minutes-to-life tracker, and a big social mission (Kiev);
  7. E-movex — an AI-based autonomous robot (AMR) with the ability to avoid obstacles and seek alternative delivery routes. Helps to transport goods in warehouses from point "A" to point "B" on itself or by coupling with a basket, rocket or with a trailer (Sumy);
  8. Vuikobox — an agri-food business platform. Goods from craft manufacturers. Tourism. SaaS toolbox (Kiev);
  9. RICO — an AI nutrition advisor. This is a pocket friend-nutritionist designed to solve the problem of accessibility and convenience of healthy eating, personalization and adaptability of recommendations in real-time (Kyiv);
  10. Aromoshelf — is a recommendation platform for sellers, manufacturers and consumers of perfumery products, built on big data (Kiev);
  11. Richie — a financial advisor for individuals, provides a range of financial planning services and investment instruments in 5 minutes (Kyiv);
  12. Self'in'Sure — An alternative to voluntary health insurance, which neutralizes the conflict between the insured and insurance companies (Kyiv, Kharkiv);
  13. My Cooperative — an association of co-owners of an apartment building in a smartphone (Kyiv).
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