Results of the visit of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to Ukraine

by Olha Povaliaieva
Friday, February 4, 2022
Results of the visit of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to Ukraine

On February 3, an agreement on a free trade zone was signed, a decision was made to build the Turkish in Ukraine and create a base for strengthening cooperation in all areas

A large number of Turkish investments operate on the territory of Ukraine. In 2021, this figure is $4.5 billion. Turkey is also one of the five largest partners of Ukraine in the field of import and export: last year, trade turnover increased by 52%, which is $7.4 billion in numerical terms.

Signed agreements:

  • Free Trade Agreement;
  • Framework agreement on cooperation in the field of high technologies, aviation, and space industries;
  • Agreement on cooperation in the field of youth policy;
  • Draft Protocol on Amendments to the Law Enforcement Cooperation Agreement.

The agreement on a free trade zone between our states, signed on February 3, completes forming a regional free trade area Moldova-Romania-Bulgaria-Georgia-Ukraine-Turkey.

Separately, it was decided to build a plant in Ukraine to produce Turkish Baykatar drones on Ukrainian engines.

"One of the examples of filling this particular agreement is the construction of the Baykatar plant, which produces unmanned aerial vehicles. And which will be produced in Ukraine. And, accordingly, a training center will be created that will train our pilots to control Baykatar unmanned drones." different categories", Oleksii Reznikov, minister of defense of Ukraine.

The renewed cooperation between Ukraine and Turkey is mutually beneficial since it is the creation of new jobs, the inflow and protection of investments, and the strengthening of innovative strength. And for Turkey, this is an opportunity to increase its entry into the European market.

"Our goal is the implementation of specific investing-in-ukraine/starting-business-in-ukraine/start-a-project/" rel="dofollow">projects, the creation of joint ventures, the exchange of experience, the exchange of technologies. Today, an agreement has been signed that will significantly expand the production of unmanned aerial vehicles by Baykatar in Ukraine. These are new technologies, new jobs and strengthening the defense capability of Ukraine", Volodymyr Zelenskyy, president of Ukraine.

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