Rheinmetall and Ukraine to Jointly Produce Lynx BMP

by Roman Cheplyk
Wednesday, June 12, 2024
Rheinmetall and Ukraine to Jointly Produce Lynx BMP

Rheinmetall, a leading arms company, has reached an agreement with Ukraine to commence the joint production of Lynx infantry fighting vehicles (IFVs)

This significant development was confirmed during a conference on the restoration of Ukraine held in Berlin.

Key Points:

  1. Joint Production Agreement:

    • Rheinmetall, in collaboration with a Ukrainian partner, will begin producing Lynx BMPs (infantry fighting vehicles).
    • The first units are expected to be produced within this year, according to Oleksandr Kamyshyn, Ukraine's Minister of Strategic Industry.
  2. Security and Operational Details:

    • Specific details regarding the location of the production plant and the expected production volumes are being kept confidential for security reasons.
  3. About the Lynx BMP:

    • The Lynx IFV, developed by Rheinmetall, was first unveiled in 2016.
    • It features a "modular" design, allowing it to be equipped with various types of weapons and adapted for different combat roles.
  4. Previous Collaborations:

    • This agreement follows the earlier establishment of a workshop by Ukroboronprom and Rheinmetall for the repair and production of armored vehicles in Ukraine.

This collaboration marks a significant step in bolstering Ukraine's defense capabilities amid ongoing security challenges. The joint production of the Lynx BMP will enhance Ukraine's military infrastructure and potentially expand its defense manufacturing sector.

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