Rise in Real Estate Prices in Kyiv

Tuesday, July 20, 2021
Rise in Real Estate Prices in Kyiv

In the first 6 months, housing in Kyiv new buildings has risen in price up to 20%

The cost of the primary in Kyiv directly depends on conditions such as the percentage of readiness of the premises and the location on the city map. This was announced by the head of the Financial and Investment Management Association (FIMA) Viktoria Volkovska in an interview with the news resource Interfax-Ukraine.

FIMA conducted an online survey of funding funds and the results are impressive:

  • 76,9% of interviewees reported an increase in the price of 1 sq. m. by 10-20%;
  • 7,7% reported more than 20% growth;
  • 15,4% reported minor changes.

"We have analyzed dozens of housing objects throughout Ukraine that work with construction financing funds. The overwhelming majority indicate an increase in the cost per square meter. At the same time, we have a situation where the cost of housing is growing faster than the price," said Volkovska.

If we talk about the level of completed construction work, then:

  • 40% of respondents confirmed an increase in the volume of work by more than 20%;
  • 10% confirmed an increase of more than 20%;
  • 10% confirmed a decline.


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