Transplantology in Ukraine 

by Roman Cheplyk
Saturday, February 25, 2023
Transplantology in Ukraine 

In 2022, Ukrainian doctors performed 20% more transplant operations

The war can not stop the development of Ukraine in any sphere. Thus, Ukrainian doctors have also developed and productively rescued people. According to 2022 statistics, doctors performed 20% more organ transplants than in 2021. A total of 384 complex operations were carried out.

The Ministry of health of Ukraine notes that the most significant number of surgical interventions that helped save lives were performed in the capital and western Ukraine. The transplants were held in the First medical association of Lviv, The national institute of surgery and transplantation named after Shalimov, and the multidisciplinary clinic Oberig.

"Organ transplantation in Ukraine is now carried out by 32 medical centres. Thanks to the efforts of their specialists, 275 kidney transplants, 74 liver, and 35 heart were carried out," the Ministry of the health of Ukraine reported.

Recall that early doctors rescued a Ukrainian defender who was shot in the heart.

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