Robbing Is the Russian Way to Undermine the Ukrainian Identity

by Olha Povaliaieva
Monday, June 13, 2022
Robbing Is the Russian Way to Undermine the Ukrainian Identity

American scientists believe that Russia deliberately robs Ukraine. Especially Scythian gold

The Russian occupiers got the "green light" for the plunderers of the Ukrainian people and the state. Russian soldiers have already taken out of Ukraine tons of metal and grain, cherry, cars, and household appliances. But according to American scholars, Russians need all the Scythian gold that is in Ukrainian museums. This theory was published by the British newspaper Guardian.

Virginia Daniels and colleagues from the United States researched the theft and destruction of cultural property in Ukraine. The starting point was February 24 — the day of the start of a full-scale war against Ukraine. The Americans have concluded that there are patterns in the crimes of Russian soldiers. In their opinion, the thefts are primarily oriented toward Scythian gold.

"These items are visually stunning. And now there are many reports of theft. So we think it's a strategy," said Virginia Daniels.

Another scientist, Brian Daniels, notes that the motives can be different. The first motive is banal — enrichment. The second motive is the destruction of the cultural heritage of Ukrainians.

"Perhaps all this is part of undermining the identity of Ukraine as a separate country, with a claim to Russia's legitimate ownership of all their exhibits," said Daniels.

The Guardian reports that usually, such robberies are accompanied by pain. The robbers want to learn how to find the Scythian gold, take it out, and learn the price. Therefore, Russian occupiers can torture museum keepers.

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