Rocket Strike on the Oil Depot

by Olha Povaliaieva
Saturday, March 26, 2022
Rocket Strike on the Oil Depot

On March 26, the Russians used rockets against an oil base near Kyiv

According to the deputy of the Servant of the people party, there are no victims or injured from the explosion. The spread of the fire has been stopped. However, the situation is dangerous from the point of view of ecology. Therefore, we ask the people of Kyiv and residents of the region not to open windows and move less along the street.

"The state emergency service is at the scene, but they are not starting to put out the fire due to the possibility of repeated shelling. I urge the residents of the area to stay in a safe place and, if possible, do not go outside and do not open windows — the products of fuel combustion are dangerous and very harmful health", wrote MP Olena Kryvoruchkyna.

Ukraine wins. Ukraine will win. Glory to Ukraine.

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