Scientific Experiments of Ukrainian Schoolchildren Can Get to the “ISS”

by Vlada Zhabrovets
Friday, October 1, 2021

The ministry of education and science reported that scientific experiments of Ukrainian students can be conducted on the “International space station” in Earth orbit

The whole world will learn about the youngest Ukrainian scientists. The initiative of the Small Academy of Sciences with the support of the ministry of education and science and the embassy of Ukraine in the United States will allow high school students to send their experiments to participate in the ISS Mission 16 program. The agreement on Ukraine’s participation in it was signed on September 30 in Washington.

Serhyy Shkarlet, the minister of education and science, expressed pride in the fact that young Ukrainian scientists have an opportunity to implement their innovative ideas at the international level.

“I wish our researchers impressive and breakthrough discoveries in space,” he stated.

According to the agreement, this year is the first time Ukraine will take part in the American program for the development of STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) education. The students' works will be sent to the ISS and will be tested there, moreover, the participants themselves will see the launch of the Falcon 9 rocket.

As a result of a two-stage competitive selection, two teams will be able to send their experiments to the space station, where they will be conducted by astronauts.

The launch will take place on the SpaceX Dragon spacecraft on top of the Falcon 9 rocket. The winning teams’ participants will be able to watch the rocket take off at NASA's historic site 39A of the Kennedy Space Center.

Children’s teams will get access to mini-laboratories and will have an opportunity to offer ideas for research while in microgravity in the orbit of our planet. The teachers of the young researchers will receive professional training from program experts in Washington.


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