Romania Expelled 40 Russians From the Embassy and Country

by Meifan Honcharuk
Monday, July 3, 2023
Romania Expelled 40 Russians From the Embassy and Country

11 diplomats, 29 administrative employees and their families

On June 8, the Romanian foreign Ministry ordered Russia to reduce its diplomatic corps in Bucharest by 40 people. Deadline up to 30 days. On July 2, with a 6-hour delay, the plane with 40 Russians on board left Romania: 11 diplomats, technical and administrative staff and their families.

The Romanian Ministry of foreign affairs succinctly reports that this move "reflects the current level of bilateral relations, sharply reduced by Romania after the start of the aggressive war of the Russian Federation against Ukraine." Mulțumesc pentru sprijin, România.

In turn, the Russian news portal RIA Novosti, which, as a propaganda channel, is included in the EU sanctions list, transmitted a message from the Russian MFA: "Russia will give an appropriate response."

But after "the second army of the world" has been unable to capture Kyiv for a year and a half, and Prigozhin almost reached the Kremlin in 2 hours, no one fears the Russian "corresponding answer."

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