Rosh HaShanah in Ukraine 2023

by Meifan Honcharuk
Monday, September 18, 2023
Rosh HaShanah in Ukraine 2023

35.000 Hasidims came to the traditional celebration of Jewish New Year in Ukrainian Uman city 

Every September, thousands of Hasidims come to the Ukrainian city of Uman (Cherkasy region) to attend the grave of a righteous person – Tsaddik Rabbi Nachman. This year, despite the war, 35.000 Hasidims came to Uman to celebrate HaShanah. 

"Without Rabbi Nachman, we cannot start the new year. He is our patron in heaven," says one of the pilgrims. 

Ukraine is doing everything for the Hasidim could follow the traditions. So this year, from September 11 to 21, the regime of entry and exit movement of citizens was established in Uman. Also, the authorities banned the sale of alcoholic, low-alcohol drinks, pyrotechnics, and cold steel during Rosh HaShanah. Ukrainian law enforcement agencies have tightened control over the territory where the holiday takes place. To maintain security for pilgrims joined the police from Israel. They will help guests find the city's necessary points and control security.

The photo shows a military man from the Azov regiment with the call sign "Rebbe" and a Hasid pilgrim kissing a military chevron. That's right, the defenders of Ukraine are worth hugs and honours. Especially representatives of foreign countries who fight against the Russian invaders. 

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