Round 6 EU:Russia

by Olha Povaliaieva
Monday, May 30, 2022
Round 6 EU:Russia

Josep Borrell is confident in the adoption of the 6th package of sanctions against the aggressor country

On May 30, the EU summit will discuss the 6th package of sanctions against Russia. Package 6 includes an embargo on Russian oil.

"It's important to discuss how we can get a final agreement on the sixth package of sanctions. I'm completely confident that we will get an agreement. Yesterday and this morning, there were Coreper meetings, we were pushing everyone to get an agreement today. And I'm pretty sure that we will have this agreement," EU diplomat Josep Borrell.

We remind you that Hungary is actively blocking the embargo point and even put forward its own ultimatum to unblock the embargo issue. However, Borrell is confident that Hungary will still support the 6th package in its entirety. We remind you that Orban's ultimatum includes a guarantee to receive this oil even in the event of an "accident" on the pipeline.

There is another compromise option: a ban on Russian offshore oil and a temporary postponement of the restriction of imports from a key oil pipeline.

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