Russia Caused $411 Bln Damage to Ukraine

by Roman Cheplyk
Friday, March 24, 2023
Russia Caused $411 Bln Damage to Ukraine

The World Bank calculated the current amount for Ukraine's recovery 

The World Bank had recalculated the amount needed to rebuild Ukraine after the war. Recall that the first amount was calculated after 3 months of the war. It amounted to $349 billion. However, in 2023, a year after the outbreak of the brutal war, the international financial institution raised the forecast to $411 billion.

The war caused the country losses, according to which, in 2023, Ukraine will need about $14 billion of priority and critical investments. Ukraine can currently cover only $3 billion of this amount. The remaining rehabilitation and reconstruction resources need to be drawn from outside for the country's functioning. The government states that it is now possible to restore critical facilities: power grids, civilian housing, and critical infrastructure. The money will also go to demining and business support programs.

The organisation cited the main reasons for the recalculation: a large-scale attack by Russian missiles throughout Ukraine and military operations that have already caused significant damage, deterioration of living conditions, and well-being of people. However, the financial institution notes that Ukraine continues to receive support, so international aid has already met some needs.

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