Another $200 Mln Military Assistance for Ukraine From the USA     

by Meifan Honcharuk
Friday, October 13, 2023
Another $200 Mln Military Assistance for Ukraine From the USA     

Lloyd Austin announces new military aid package at 16th meeting in “Ramstein” format  

On October 11, at the beginning of the meeting of the Contact Group on Defenсe of Ukraine, Austin announced the following decision: Washington has allocated $200 million to strengthen the Armed Forces of Ukraine with military equipment. The US support includes the ammunition for air defence systems.

It is noted that the ammunition is intended for new systems that Ukraine will soon receive. Also:

  • Missiles and artillery shells;
  • Precision aircraft ammunition;
  • Weapons to counter-strike drones.

Since the beginning of the war, American authorities have already provided military assistance to protect against Russian full-scale military aggression worth $43.9 billion. However, the WSJ, citing the US senators, reports they are preparing another major military support package. Both Senate parties are preparing to vote for aid for Ukraine worth $50 to $100 billion. American politicians are confident that a one-time large-scale aid will help Ukraine more than a few smaller military packages for a year. 

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