Russia Goodbye or Hot Heating Season in Ukraine

by Olha Povaliaieva
Saturday, June 18, 2022
Russia Goodbye or Hot Heating Season in Ukraine

Ukraine establishes cooperation that allows complete abandonment of Russian nuclear supply at Ukrainian nuclear power plants

The press service of the Ministry of energy of Ukraine reported on a meeting with the US ambassador extraordinary and plenipotentiary in Ukraine Bridget Brink. Minister of energy of Ukraine Herman Halushchenko and British politician discussed the upcoming heating season and the probability of refusal of Russian nuclear services.

Ukraine has suffered damage that extends to the energy sector. As a result of the actions of the occupiers in Ukraine, the controlled operation of some power stations has been disrupted, one nuclear power plant has been seized and dozens of heat pipelines have been damaged. But the country still has reserves to cover domestic demand and exports to Europe. But nobody knows how long the war will last, so it is necessary to build relations with partners and refuse any Russian services. This goal became central to meeting Bridget Brink.

The politicians discussed the situation in the energy sector of Ukraine and the possibility of supplying nuclear fuel not from Russia. Thus Ukraine in 2022-2023 will provide people with heat with the help of reserves and generated energy. But at the same time will build relations with the American company Westinghouse. Energy cooperation will be concerned with increasing the supply of nuclear fuel. It is assumed that the collaboration will make it possible to abandon the Russian nuclear supply at Ukrainian nuclear power plants. In the future, the possibility of ensuring blocks by American technology is considered.

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