Russia Has No Methods Left Against Ukraine

by Roman Cheplyk
Wednesday, February 2, 2023
Russia Has No Methods Left Against Ukraine

Ukraine and France signed a memorandum on providing Ukraine with "MG-200" radar

The minister of defence of Ukraine Oleksii Reznikov made a diplomatic visit to France. Ukrainian politician met with his colleague Sebastian Lekornu. During the meeting, the defence ministers of the 2 countries discussed the course of the war. The result of the negotiations was the signing of a memorandum on the supply of radars for the Ukrainian air-control system.

According to the diplomatic document, the French company Thales Group will hand over the MG-200 radars to Ukraine. The systems that will give Ukraine the ability to detect the most difficult goals: ballistic missiles, and self-driving vehicles. It is noted that France will provide modification MG-200 with a range of 250 km.

It is noted that such radars for air defence will help to destroy everything that Russia sends to the sky faster and more effectively. The terms of delivery of military aid and its number are not specified.

Soon, Russia will not be able to send death through the sky to the Ukrainian land.

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