Russia Hits Ukraine With Obsolete Ukrainian X-55s

by Olha Povaliaieva
Monday, December 12, 2022
Russia Hits Ukraine With Obsolete Ukrainian X-55s

Ukraine transferred these missiles to Russia in accordance with the Budapest memorandum

Russia trampled the Budapest memorandum. The treaty between the countries of the former USSR was concluded with the aim of peaceful coexistence. Within the framework of this memorandum, Russia provided Ukraine with security assurances, Ukraine renounced its nuclear weapons and handed over to the Russian Federation its nuclear warhead launchers.

The war of 2022. The New York Times reports that Russia has begun to use X-55 missiles in the war against Ukraine. X-55 are the missiles that were assembled in Ukrainian factories in the 1970s and designed for nuclear strikes. They were abandoned by Ukraine, having joined Russia in a memorandum.

The general directorate of intelligence of Ukraine reports that the remains of these missiles have begun to be found recently. The missile is usually empty and is, in the opinion of the Ukrainian side, only bait for air defence. X-55 flies into the airspace of Ukraine first because an older type of rocket — a subsonic rocket — detects it with an air defence system. Ukrainian air defence eliminates the danger, but at this time, the Russian Federation is firing modern missiles, destroying the country's critical infrastructure.

"The warhead was removed, the ballast added to hide the lack of payload. The intelligence also found that the above-mentioned missiles were produced at the Ukrainian military plant," said deputy head of the defence Ministry intelligence department Vadym Skibitskyi.

The Ukrainian representative also reports that these missiles and bombers were allegedly transferred in 1990 in exchange for guarantees of sovereignty and security.

"All ballistic missiles, strategic bombers Tu-160 and Tu-95 were also handed over. Now they use X-55 missiles against us from these bombers. It would be better if we had passed them to the US," Skibitskyi said.

And now Moscow offers Ukraine to sit down again at the table of negotiations? How long will Russia hold its word next time?

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